Silicone Hot Air Hoses

The mechanical and thermal properties of silicone are suitable for a wide range of applications where hot air and hot vapors must be discharged. Due to a temperature resistance of up to 300°C, silicone has a unique selling point.The incorporation of a steel braid into the silicone-coated hose provides the necessary flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Due to its very good resistance to aging, a silicone hot air hose is suitable in areas where maintenance and repairs are difficult or costly to carry out.The hot air hose is offered in different versions to meet the variety of applications. Depending on the application, the wall thickness and the steel braiding can be varied.


  • In applications with temperature ranges between -85°C and +300°C
  • Constant and steady air flow due to the flexible hose
  • Anti-kink properties allow constant operation & Mechanically resilient
  • Narrow bending radius without interruption of the air flow (high compressibility)
  • Air and air conditioning technology & Suitable for high and low temperatures
  • Smooth inner surface & increased vacuum resistance