Silicone Profiles in any geometry

Silicone profiles that are to be used in the food or pharmaceutical industry must meet numerous requirements that are compatible with the legal regulations of the respective industry. Of course, all of this applies to the silicone profiles manufactured by gorav Polymers. Not only the geometries and the cross-section are important, but also the hardness. It can range from 15 to 90 Shore.

U-profiles, T-profiles and complex cross-sections are offered. It is also possible to make up profile rings or profile frames from extruded silicone profiles. In any case, precise planning of the geometries and careful production execution are very important. Each silicone profile is a custom-made product that can meet the highest quality standards. This applies regardless of whether the geometries are standard profiles, square profiles or more complex variants. It's simple geometries manufactureable external mass height up to 60mm and width up to 220 mm.


  • Each RAL colour and colour setting according to customer specifications
  • Biocompatible and food safe
  • Approved for drinking water
  • Odorless & tasteless
  • Hardness: 15° to 90° Shore
  • Temperature: -100°C to +300°C
  • Further tear resistance: 16 kN/m to 45 kN/m
  • Elongation: 200% to 1,000%