Inflatable Seal Profiles

Our rubber inflatable seals are the perfect product for a variety of applications where it is important to seal two surfaces that move in relation to each other. Air-inflated gaskets, i.e. pneumatic gaskets and seals, are the most efficient sealing method for moving surfaces since they shrink and stretch at the specified degree.Inflatable seals and gaskets are made of a homogeneous elastomer with a high elasticity modulus and moderate tensile resistance. The inflatable seals are meant for mounting in channels.

Once inserted in the channel the inflatable seals are filled out with air and once the air is deflated they shrink and can be withdrawn. The exact measurements and gaps when choosing the correct inflatable seal play a significant role in the proper functioning and sealing for a particular application.Our process engineers are pleased to assist in the design of suitable sealing profile forms.

By inflating these seals using a medium such as air or oil, the inflatable rubber seal expands to a defined rate and can't exceed the calculated level of inflation.We manufacture our inflatable seals usually from Silicone rubber approved by the FDA available in blue, white, and red colors. Multiple base materials are available upon request for the manufacturing of the inflatable rubber seals.